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We're a Sydney based studio that creates state-of-the-art digital products using cutting edge technology

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What we do

We create world class digital experiences for startups, businesses and enterprise sized companies. We can do the work, extend your team, or provide guidance on a project.


Our front-end engineering team will work closely with your designers to translate their vision into code. We'll take your product designs into a functioning React application in no time.


We'll create a seamless experience for your users with excellent usability whilst retaining and celebrating your brands identity.


We're no one-trick ponies. Whilst we're seriously passionate about front-end development, our team has excellent back-end skills and can assist in creating API's and services in order to communicate with the front-end.

Quality Assurance

We put in place rigorous usability, accessibility, performance and regression tests to ensure your product stands boldly for years to come.

Trusted by

Nomad Radio
Resident Advisor
Grifter Brewing

Our work

Take a peek at some of the front-end work we've done for our clients

Nomad Radio homepage

Nomad Radio

Nomad Radio is an independent, not-for-profit, Sydney based internet radio station. Broadcasting underground talent from Australia.

We created an end-to-end product, including deployment, back-end integrations, API's, authentication and of course a React front-end.

React - GraphQL - Next.js - TypeScript


Scythe was founded in Sydney, Australia out of a desire to tackle complicated front-end applications and create brilliant user experiences.

We're a small, nimble team, so we'll be working closely with you throughout all our projects. Our team is dedicated to creating the best product we can and we'll always speak up if we think can make a solution even better.

Our approach leans on simple, agile development practices. We look beyond the requirements and instead investigate ways to create truly enjoyable experiences for the user.

Whilst we believe in staying tech agnostic, we have a toolbox with some of our favorite technologies we use frequently.

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Gatsby
  • Contentful
  • AWS

Managing Director Oscar Watson-Smith

Oscar Watson-Smith

Managing Director

Managing Director of Scythe, Oscar has many years experience creating exceptional digital products for startups, business and enterprises.